Travel to Jakarta

Jakarta is Indonesia's largest city and world's tenth largest city. The town carries a diverse range of attractions that anyone sooo want to make it through their lifetime. The buildings entice visitors and give them a call back. It is a land of mosques and many temples and contains equally modern buildings and fully entertaining parks with greeneries.

Istiqlal Mosque. Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta will be the biggest and highly visited mosque in South East Asia. Muslims from Indonesia and many types of around the globe visit this mosque for religious worships and spend time. You are able to due to the magnificence.

Ragunan Zoo. Ragunan Zoo is one of the best zoos in Indonesia with well over 3600 varieties of animals. It can be located towards the south with the city which is visited by folks from all corners worldwide. The events plus some exhibitions sound amazing as animals of species appear to be as if you come in a true jungle.

Lapangan Banteng. Lapangan Banteng is found in the heart with the city this also building is remarkable due to the colonial style. People visit this place to understand what the architecture has and they capture other attractions nearby. There are numerous splendid buildings that go as far back for the earlier centuries.

Jakarta History Museum. Jakarta History Museum's history extends back to in excess of 400 a number of was under the use of the Dutch companies. It houses collections in the 16th century and exhibits those collections for visitors. The museum was constructed inside the 17th century and contains a great deal of important collections which might be considered treasures. Antiques, maps and important documents are also kept for display.

The Wayang Museum. Popularly called the Puppet Museum, this really is one among Indonesia's highly visited museums. Any visitor for the museum is greeted with leather puppets thus the name. The puppets are produced using different techniques which are practiced by different maker all through the centuries. People that visit the Museum also look at how these techniques are used in conjunction with a number of other contemporary techniques.

National Monument. Sited at the heart of Merdeka Square, the national Monument stands 137 metres high across the ground. Individuals who visit the monument go through the dioramas in the base. It's awesome to ascend and capture the city's best attractions and require a complete view in the top.

Ancol Dreamland. Ancol Dreamland has excellent and highly entertaining themes parks. It becomes an great spot for a holiday vacation for youngsters and it has lots for sightseeing. SeaWorld, among East Asia's largest Aquariums is available here.

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