Maremma Toscana: An undiscovered region of Tuscany

At the tiny medieval village of Montieri, travelers obtain the Hotel Prategiano. The country hotel can be found on the hill of Montieri. From there it's possible to enjoy wonderful views on the valleies and hills or Maremma Tuscany .

Your accommodation Prategiano has become operated by the family Paradisi for longer than 46 years and gives an informal and cosy atmosphere. It's twenty-six rooms, one restaurant, a bar, an outside pool, a jacuzzi plus a horse riding center. Through the terrace in the bar one can start to see the mountains 120 km away.

The cook of hotel prepares typical local dishes, which reflect the tradition in rural aspects of Tuscany. At hotel prategiano , lots of clients like to take part in picnic excursions. They're a gathering point for horseback riders, mountainbikers, cyclists as well as their friends. Most travelers come to Prategiano for horseback riding holidays, MTB holidays, cycling or walking holidays. The Prategiano known among the oldest and trail riding centers in Italy. Horseback riders can choose beginner lessons, easy an hour trails, half-day tours, full-day tours or horseback tours that continue for a couple of days.

A great deal of travelers find the hotel look around the famous area between Volterra, Siena, Florence, San Gimignano, Massa Marittima, Grosseto and several of the very most beautiful beaches of Maremma Tuscany. You need to also check out the small rather unknown villages and experience their relaxed atmosphere. An activ vacation in Tuscany should indeed be a memorable adventure.

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